• Gear

  • Guitars & Basses

    G&L Tele

    66’ Fender Mustang (pre CBS)

    Fender Jazz Bass

  • Amps & Speakers

    Trace Elliot bass combo

    Acoustic Head

    Carvin Cabinet

    Fender Princeton  

    Others upon request

  • Pianos & Keyboards

    Halet Davis Studio Upright Piano

    Vintage 1930's upright (saloon style) Piano

    Hammond Organ

    Moog Prodigy

    67’ Rhodes

    vox style Porto Organ

  • Microphones

    Telefunkin Ak47 II tube mic

    Neumann TLM103 large diaphram condenser

    Shure KSM 34

    AKG 414

    Octava stereo pair small diaphragm condenser

    Shure 57's and 58's one Beta 58

    Bullet Mic

    Several Vintage mics

  • Percussion

    Slingerland 73' Drum Set blue sparkle 6piece

    Rogers 68 kick drum

    Pearl early 90's 24" kick drum

    Zildjian A-series and Custom A-series Cymbals

    other assorted percussion, drums, and cymbals

  • Pedals

    Memory Man Deluxe

    EH Echo 1 

    EH Freeze

    Big Muff 

    2 Holy Grail 

    Holy Grail deluxe

    2 Boss digital delays 

    Boss tremolo

    Ibanez tube screamer 

    MXR distortion yellow 

    MXR phase 90

    *MXR Vibe

    Mooer Pitch Shift

    Danelectro Sitar Swami